5 Quick Holiday Appetizers That Will Impress Your Guests

Get your gathering off to the perfect start this year with a few of our favourite holiday appetizers. Whether you’re having a big party or a small gathering, preparing a holiday meal can seem like an overwhelming task. Armed with the following recipes, we promise you’ll impress your guests. Not only are these recipes quick to prepare, but they’re also made with ingredients that are easy to find.  


5 Quick Holiday Appetizer Recipes 


Tuna Pull Apart Bread 

Oceans Tuna Pull Apart Bread 1

When it comes to holiday appetizers, it really doesn’t get any easier or more comforting than this Tuna Pull Apart Bread. Luxuriously smooth Tuna in Olive Oil, fresh herbs, and sweet, creamy gouda are nestled between deliciously pluckable cubes of warm sourdough bread. It’s the perfect finger food that takes just 15 minutes of prep time.  


Smoked Mussel, Hazelnut, and Ricotta Crostini 

OC SmokedMussels HazelnutRicotta Crostini2

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, this creamy ricotta spread brings together Smoked Mussels and aromatic hazelnuts on perfectly crusty baguette rounds. In fact, this one is so good that we suspect it’ll transcend the status of holiday appetizer and make it into your regular recipe rotation! 


Mini Crab Cakes 

Oceans Holiday Appetizer Mini Crab Cakes 3

A restaurant favorite, these crab cakes are remarkably easy to prepare at home and are sure to impress your guests. With this recipe, you’re just 35 minutes and a few ingredients away from tasty crab cakes that are the perfect addition to your holiday appetizer spread.  


Smoked Oyster Spread 

Oceans Appetizer Smoked Oysters Spread 3

No holiday is complete without the rich flavor of Smoked Oysters and, while we love the classic bacon-wrapped ones, this smoked oyster spread is the height of sophistication. Steamed beet, creamy cannellini beans, and balsamic glaze blend together perfectly with smoky oysters and salty feta. Balance this dip’s creamy texture by serving it with crisp crackers or toasted baguette rounds.  


Tuna Queso Dip 

Oceans Holiday Appetizer Tuna Queso Dip 1

There’s nothing like a cheesy dip to round out a table of holiday appetizers, especially when you’re feeding picky eaters. This year, make your own that’s both cheesy and elevated. Made with our Tuna in Chili Oil, the flavor and texture of this dip are impossible to resist. 


We created a printable holiday shopping list featuring the ingredients you’ll need for each of these recipes here 


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