Casseroles: A Comforting Weeknight Hero

Let’s talk about casseroles! Warm and comforting, tuna casserole makes the perfect weeknight dinner. Named after the large deep, pan they’re cooked in, these versatile one-dish wonders became popular in the twentieth century in the United States. Around that time, the idea of the casserole as a one-dish meal really took off, gaining even wider popularity as lightweight metal and glass cookware replaced heavy earthenware containers in the 1950’s. Today, the mighty casserole is an unsung weeknight dinner hero, combining protein, vegetables, starch, and a crunchy or cheesy topping for a complete meal. The combinations of ingredients are endless and cleanup is a breeze—it just doesn’t get better than that. Try working a casserole into your weeknight dinner prep with one of these four crowd-pleasing recipes.

Tuscan Tuna Casserole


If the cold winter weather has you dreaming of lying under the warm sun we’ve got just the dish for you. With the help of sundried tomatoes, our Tuscan Tuna Casserole will leave you feeling the warm glow of the Mediterranean sun right at your dining table. 

Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole

Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole

Kick your feet up and cook delicious, classic comfort food. Our Classic Casserole is quick and easy to prepare! It’ll leave you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy a glass of wine while it’s in the oven. Just the way mom used to make it, this recipe combines pasta, cheddar cheese and veggies to create a warm, comforting meal. Just don’t be alarmed if you find your family fighting over the last delicious spoonful.

Modern Tuna Casserole

Low Carb Tuna Casserole

Love the idea of warm, homemade comfort food that’s also healthy? Us too! Leeks, olives, noodles and tuna combine in an incredibly healthy one-dish meal that packs just the right amount of spice. This may not be your Mom’s tuna recipe but we’re sure you’ll find it equally as nourishing. 

Veggie Packed Tuna Casserole

Oceans Veggie Tuna Casserole 1

Savoury pesto, creamy goat cheese and crunchy pine nuts perfectly complement vitamin-packed veggies and tender tuna in this tasty take on the classic casserole. Make a little extra because you won’t be able to get enough.


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