Three Reasons to Love Our New Ocean’s Tuna Salad

The Simpsons family once claimed, “You don’t win friends with salad.” Naturally, our drive to innovate and bring convenient, healthy meal solutions to Canadians drove us to prove them wrong!

We’re thrilled to introduce our new product line: Ocean’s Tuna Salad. Read on to learn about this exciting new line of products and why we’re sure you’re going to love it!

1. Three Unique Tuna Salad Varieties

For many of us, tuna salad is really just any salad that you top with a can of tender, protein-rich tuna. Our new Ocean’s tuna salad is something completely different!

Individually portioned and packaged, our tuna salad comes in three unique varieties that blend veggies, grains, legumes, and tuna. Each of the three recipes is artfully blended to create a truly delicious meal or snack that’s healthy too! Try all three: Tuna, Red Beans and Corn; Tuna, Red Quinoa and Sundried Tomato; and Tuna, Pearl Couscous and Chickpeas.


2. MSC Certified Sustainable Tuna Salad

If three delicious and satisfying varieties of our tuna salad isn’t reason enough to give it a try, we have a couple more! Like many of our products, Ocean’s Tuna Salad is made with MSC certified sustainable tuna. This means that you can rest assured that the tuna in our salads was sourced responsibly, ensuring that healthy fish stocks remain and bycatch is eliminated or significantly reduced.


3. No Prep Tuna Salad

Perhaps the best thing about Ocean’s new tuna salad is that it’s makes for a healthy meal or snack that requires ZERO prep. All three varieties are perfectly blended and individually portioned and packaged, so you can enjoy them directly out of the pack. They’re also incredibly portable! Tuck Ocean’s tuna salad into your gym bag, work bag, or pack it into your child’s lunchbox. Just don’t forget the fork!


With three solid reasons to love our new Ocean’s Tuna Salad, and three unique blends to choose from, we’re confident that these salads will quickly become a lunch or snack time go-to in your household. But, just in case you need one more reason to give them a try, we’ll take the opportunity to mention that they’re also very affordable. Ocean’s salads cost only a fraction of what you’ve been spending on take-out salads. Even better, we’re celebrating the launch of this new product line by offering you an opportunity to save when you try our tuna salad. Learn more about Ocean’s Tuna Salad and get your coupon here.


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    I love love love Ocean’s tuna products !!!! I consume these products at least once a week!!!! Please send me all your products to sample I will post them on Insta !!!!!


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