Why We’re Proud to Be B Corp Certified

Since 2019, Ocean’s has been proud to be B Corp Certified. Joining this growing community has been a source of pride for us because it recognizes our commitment to balancing profit with purpose. It also solidifies this commitment, inspiring us to be leaders in an emerging economy that strives to create a more inclusive and sustainable world.  


What It Means to be B Corp Certified 

Certified B Corps are companies that have been verified as achieving a high standard of environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. These companies work every day to reduce inequality, promote a healthier environment, build stronger communities, lower levels of poverty and create quality jobs. With a focus on making a positive impact on their employees, communities, and the environment, B Corps use their businesses as a force for good.  

To join this community of brands, we underwent a rigorous certification process that went beyond assessing our products. Rather, to become B Corp certified, we were measured on our social and environmental performance. Called the B Impact Assessment, this certification process evaluated every aspect of our business from our operations to our impact on employees, the community, the environment, and customers. To continue to meet these standards, we committed to continued transparency and accountability. More than that, we’ve made a legal commitment to considering all our stakeholders – not just those who stand to gain from our profits – in every decision we make.  


The B Corp Community is Strong 

When we became B Corp certified in 2019, we joined the ranks of 2,700 companies across 60 countries that believe in using their business to create a positive impact. Just three years later, that community has grown to 4,000 corporations! The fact that this community continues to grow shows that companies like ours are increasingly concerned with creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As this movement grows, we’ll continue to take pride in our commitment to the B Corp community. This is especially true following the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, which shone the light on many of the inequities in our society. Learn more about how our B Corp certification inspired us to stand with those in need through the pandemic here 

Do you look for the B Corp logo when you choose the brands you purchase from?  


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