B Corp Certification Inspires Ocean’s To Be A Force For Good

Over the past several months, we’ve all been tested in ways we couldn’t have imagined: our resilience, our commitment to our communities, our ability to stand united in challenging times. Ocean’s has always taken pride in having strong company values that challenge us to look beyond the bottom line and conduct our business with purpose. Last year, we joined a network of like-minded businesses, becoming part of the B Corp community. We joined this community because it cemented our commitment to using our business as a force for good. More importantly, we joined because we were inspired by the other companies who shared this commitment. Drawing on this inspiration and staying true to our company values, we’ve continued to stand with our communities by working with our partners to provide support where it’s needed.

Standing Together with Those In Need

These challenging times have had the greatest impact on the most vulnerable members of our communities. By strengthening our existing relationships with several organizations and forging new ones, we stand together with those in need more than ever. For some time now, Ocean’s has partnered with Backpack Buddies, the Richmond School District, and I Can for Kids to feed children in British Columbia and Alberta. We’ve doubled down on these relationships, donating more food to help children receive enough nourishment. We’ve also forged a new relationship with Food Banks Canada, working with them to fill hampers that will feed many Canadian families over the coming months.

We are committed to supporting our communities by feeding those in need. Guided by our company values, we’ll continue to lean into that commitment through times of uncertainty now and in the future. We hope you’ll join us in supporting your own community, whether you donate your time, food or money you can make a positive impact. By standing together, we can make the greatest difference. 



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