What’s in the Can?

Recently, it’s come to our attention that a lot of people have questions about what’s in a can of tuna. Sure, canned tuna might sound basic but there’s a lot of uncertainty about what’s in the can and whether it’s good for you. In a world of unpronounceable ingredients and a constant stream of conflicting information about what’s healthy and what isn’t, being curious about what’s in your food is an important part of taking good care of yourself and your family. So, in support of that curiosity, let’s talk about what’s in a can of tuna. More specifically, what’s in a can of Ocean’s Tuna.

What’s in the Can?

If we’re being honest, we LOVE to talk about what’s in a can of Ocean’s tuna. Why? Because not only do we have nothing to hide but we’re actually proud of what you’ll find in every can! The truth is that the canning process does not require any preservatives or additives—the can itself preserves the product. In a practical sense, this means that a can of Ocean’s Light Tuna in Water contains Skipjack tuna, water, and sea salt—that’s it, that’s all. Our new Tuna in Basil Infused Oil contains Skipjack tuna, sunflower oil, water, basil, and sea salt… You get the idea.

Clean ingredients are certainly a source of pride for us, but the truth is that the canning process is similar across brands. That is, the canning process doesn’t require preservatives or additives by nature. What we are exceedingly proud of is our work with organizations like the Marine Stewardship Council and B Corp to ensure that all our tuna is responsibly caught and that our business is a force for good. This means that when you purchase Ocean’s canned tuna, you’re not only making the best decision for yourself and your family but you’re making the best decision for the planet!

Cooking with Ocean’s Tuna is a Game Changer

It might seem like a bold statement but cooking with Ocean’s tuna is a game changer. Not convinced? It’s OK, we have a few reasons that might change your mind.

For starters, Ocean’s tuna is a convenient pantry staple. This means you can stock up and it’s ready to enjoy when you are! It is also a versatile way to add lean protein to a wide range of recipes—just check out our recipe page for proof. Finally, and this goes without saying, it’s delicious. Whether you like the classic flavour of light tuna in water, the richer flavour and texture of tuna in infused oil, tuna salads packed with healthy veggies and legumes, or the bold taste of our flavoured tuna, we’re sure you’ll find an Ocean’s tuna you just can’t get enough of.

With all this in mind, you should feel confident that you’re making good decisions for you, your family, and the planet every time you reach for a can of Ocean’s tuna.


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