The Ultimate Tuna Shopping Guide

If you haven’t been in the canned tuna section of your local grocery store lately, you are likely to be in for a big surprise. Today’s tuna is flavourful, sustainable, healthy, and comes in a plethora of varieties.  So, what to look for when shopping for canned tuna? Pull up a chair, class is in session!

Albacore: The Steak of the Sea

Albacore tuna, also known as white tuna, is a larger tuna known for its mild flavour. Solid white albacore tuna consists of larger chunks of albacore. It has a firmer, almost steak-like texture. In contrast to the solid white albacore, flaked white albacore tuna consists of finer pieces of albacore meat.

Did you know that albacore tuna can grow up to 80 pounds?

A Tuna by Any Other Name….

For those that want an alternative to albacore, chunk or flaked light tuna will fit the bill. Light canned tuna is usually made from skipjack tuna, but some brands may use yellowfin or big-eye tuna. In contrast to albacore, chunk light tuna tends to be darker and have a stronger flavour. It also has smaller, flakier pieces than albacore.

There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea….

but how do you tell them apart? Fresh and frozen seafood is good, but do you ever wonder where that fish of yours came from? If telling your tuna apart is important to you, buy Ocean’s canned tuna, Ocean’s Fish Tracker will ensure you wonder no more! Ocean’s is also a Certified B Corporation. This certification is an oath that confirms our commitment to reducing inequality, lowering levels of poverty, ensuring a healthier environment, and stronger communities. At Ocean’s, we make sustainable fishing our business.  

There you have it! A concise summary of what to look for and look forward to when you are picking tuna next shopping trip. Don’t forget to bookmark Ocean’s Fish Tracker and try it out next time to learn more about the fish you are buying!




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