Make Healthy Snacking Fun for the Whole Family

There’s no denying that, done right, snacking is an important part of healthy eating habits. Perhaps counterintuitively, eating a healthy snack can help you avoid becoming ravenously hungry, which is when you’re at greatest risk for reaching for junk food. By keeping you satisfied throughout the day, eating healthy snacks can also keep you from overeating during your meals. In short, developing healthy snacking habits can help you save calories… And avoid getting hangry! 

So how do you get started developing healthy snacking habits for you and your family? Focus on just two things:  


Make it Fun! 

The best way to develop healthy snacking habits is to make snacking fun. Because let’s be honest, if you’re not excited about what you’re eating then you’re more likely to find an excuse to indulge in something unhealthy or skip the snack altogether. This is especially true for kids and it’s why we created Ocean’s Tuna SnacKits. Perfectly portioned, each SnacKit comes with delicious MSC certified sustainable tuna, artfully seasoned with our signature flavours, and gluten free multigrain rice crackers. Packed with a spoon and a napkin, everything you need to enjoy a healthy snack is right in the box. Build tuna cracker sandwiches or dip your crackers right into your delightful tuna flavour blend—this is a choose your own adventure kind of snack! Speaking of choosing your own adventure, which flavour will you choose?  

Onion & Celery Light Tuna SnacKit 

A light mayo style dressing, mild onions, and crisp celery add just the right amount of flavour and texture for the Goldilocks of snackers. 

Light Tuna SnacKit 

For those who love the classics, you can’t go wrong with our Light Tuna SnacKit. To create it, we blended our MSC certified sustainable skipjack tuna with a light mayo style dressing. 

Lemon & Pepper Light Tuna SnacKit 

For those who like things on the lighter side, there’s no mayo here! Simple yet delicious, you can’t go wrong with a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of pepper.  

Thai Chili Light Tuna SnacKit 

With a hint of spice, this blend is perfect for adventurous snackers.    


Plan Ahead  

Perhaps equally as important as making healthy snacking fun is planning. By keeping healthy snacks handy, you’ll be much less likely to reach for something unhealthy. This is where conveniently packed and portioned healthy snacks, like our SnacKits, really shine. Stock up and keep your family fueled all day!   


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