Let’s Celebrate World Turtle Day!

They’re big, small, cute, and sometimes even a little ferocious.

Turtles of all sizes have become the poster animal for environmental campaigns focused on everything from overuse of plastic to global fishing practices.

That’s because turtles do a lot for the health of our oceans. They create homes for other sea life, keep waters clean by eating up dead fish, and ensure the health of fauna and other plants.

At Ocean’s, we also focus on protecting the health of our oceans for future generations. We do that by supporting responsible, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly fishing practices.

And by SHELLebrating World Turtle Day® on May 23rd. We hope you’ll join us!

What is World Turtle Day?

The nonprofit America Tortoise Rescue started World Turtle Day 19 years ago to help people celebrate and protect one of the world’s oldest creatures.

Turtles and tortoises are disappearing rapidly because of smuggling, the exotic food industry, habitat destruction, and the pet trade.

Sadly, biologists and other experts predict the disappearance of turtles and tortoises in the wild within the next 50 years.

This year’s World Turtle Day theme is Adopt, Don’t Shop, encouraging people to adopt turtles and tortoises from rescue organizations around the world.

Fun Turtle Facts

  •      Turtles live mainly in water; tortoises live mainly on land
  •      Sea Turtles have special glands that remove salt from their drinking water
  •      Green Sea Turtles can hold their breath up to 5 hours
  •      Leatherback Sea Turtles can weigh over 2,000 pounds
  •      Today, there are over 320 known species of turtles, and as many as 70% of them are endangered.

SHELLebrate World Turtle Day

Since the day it was founded, the American Tortoise Rescue has placed over four-thousand turtles and tortoises into caring homes worldwide.

Here are a few ways you can help out the world’s remaining turtles on World Turtle Day, and every day.

  1. Don’t buy turtles or tortoises from pet stores. Adopt from a local rescue society instead.
  2. Report the illegal sales of turtles to your local animal shelter.
  3. Don’t take turtles or tortoises from the wild unless they’re sick or injured.
  4. If you see a tortoise crossing the road (this is not the start of a bad joke!), carry it to the side of the direction it was going. If you put it back in the direction it was coming from it will try to cross the road again.




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