Five Healthy Eating Trends Worth Paying Attention to in 2021

With an incredibly challenging year in the rear-view mirror, many of us are turning our attention to our health. Naturally, healthy eating will play a big role as we focus on supporting our immune systems and shedding the extra pounds we acquired during pandemic restrictions. So, what are the healthy eating trends that will help us on our quest for improved health this year? We have a list of five that will really be worth paying attention to.

Sustainable Choices

With more of us concerned about the health of our planet, we believe that a focus on sustainability will be a key food trend this year, which is great because what’s good for the health of our planet tends to be good for our health as well! As we become increasingly aware of where our food comes for, look for brands that are committed to sustainability and learn about how they’re doing their part to protect our planet. At Ocean’s, for example, we’re committed to protecting our oceans through responsible fishing practices.

Vitamin C Rich Foods

Vitamin C has long been lauded as having immune supporting properties. With the spotlight on maintaining healthy immune response, one of the trends of 2021 will focus on vitamin C rich foods. While a lot of foods will be enriched with the vitamin, it’s always wise to look for natural sources. These include citrus fruits, cherries, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and kale.

Back to Basics

With more time to spend in the kitchen but less time in the grocery store, especially for the first half of the year, pantry staples will play a big part in healthy eating. That makes stocking up on things like pasta, grains, sauces, and Ocean’s tuna one of the best healthy eating tips for the year. Of course, it’s important to read the labels on these products to ensure that they contain clean ingredients and are sourced responsibly.

Setting the Whole Family Up for Success

Research has shown that kids who learn to cook eat healthier as adults and that eating together as a family helps them build self-esteem. Of course, adults are more likely to eat healthier when they prepare meals at home, too, thanks to a deeper understanding of what’s going into their food.

If nothing else, the pandemic has reinforced these behaviours for a lot of families. Continuing this into 2021, preparing and enjoying meals as a family, is a powerful way to keep everyone healthy and nourished. Ocean’s tuna can play a big role in this, offering a convenient way to incorporate protein in simple family meals. It’s as easy as preparing tuna sandwiches for lunch, giving the whole family an opportunity to participate in making a meal.


Perhaps one of the most notable reminders from 2020 is that eating is one of the most important ways we care for ourselves. As we worked through the challenges of the year, our routines and healthy eating habits were disrupted in many ways. We learned to have compassion for ourselves, redefining our idea of healthy eating. It’s important that we carry these new attitudes toward food and health into the new year, giving ourselves the space to work through the fallout from 2020 without added pressures around food and healthy eating.

While other food trends will certainly emerge throughout the year, we believe these ones are worth paying attention to. From eating more sustainably sourced foods to incorporating pantry staples, like Ocean’s tuna, these trends will have us well on our way to a healthier 2021.



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