5 Tips For A Healthier Spring

Spring has sprung!

If the season’s longer daylight hours, vibrant colours and warmer temperatures are driving you to embrace a sense of renewal—think outside the home and give yourself a “spring cleaning” with these 5 helpful tips to feel healthier.

  1. Eat Clean Food

When you’re on the right track with your food habits everything else in life tends to come together a little easier. Studies have shown that you can ‘up’ your mood by eating more nutrient-dense fresh fruits and veggies. You can also potentially lower your blood pressure, stave off late night cravings and boost your muscle building ability with high-quality protein sources. Need an on-the-go option that the whole family will love? Try using one of Ocean’s sustainable seafood options in your favourite recipe. Remember: food can taste good and be healthy at the same time.

  1. Boost Your Immune System

Research shows that omega-3 fatty acids can help boost your immune system. Great news given that your immune system is your first line of defence against the colds and viruses that keep you from doing the activities that you love. Set yourself up to easily fight off an infection by staying properly hydrated, well-nourished and physically active.

  1. Get More Sleep

Sleep is also key to healthy immune function. If you’re not getting enough high-quality shuteye each night you could be putting yourself at increased risk for a whole host of health issues. From heart disease and diabetes to obesity—studies have found that sleep deficiency is a major contributor to common health problems. Ensure you’re taking steps to get the generally required seven to eight hours a night.

  1. Practice Self Care

When is the last time you took even a few minutes for self-care? That’s what we thought. We could all do better in this category. Self-care goes a long way towards lowering stress levels and improving your overall mood. It doesn’t have to mean hours at the spa or spending money on material things. Give yourself a regular break by doing something as simple as unplugging from your phone for an hour, having a good laugh, or taking a short nap. The options are endless, it’s just all about you.

  1. Take It Outside

Whether it’s a quick stroll around the block or a game of catch with a friend or family member at your local park, getting out into nature does wonders for your health. Just a few minutes of springtime fresh air can boost the worst of moods. Bonus if the sun is out. The long list of benefits of vitamin D – or the sunshine vitamin – are well worth the effort of lacing up and heading outdoors. What better way to potentially fight disease, reduce depression and boost weight loss.








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