4 Keto-Friendly Tuna Recipes

Seafood offers a range of health benefits, from heart-healthy omega-3s to clean, simple protein. If you’re on a ketogenic diet it can be a great way to hit your protein goals without breaking ketosis. Finding delicious new ways to add tuna into your diet is easy with the four appetizing recipes below!

The Never-Hungry Tuna Bowl


Ever had a meal where each ingredient adds something unmissable to the final taste sensation? This tuna bowl gives you the crisp freshness of delicious vegetables, adding some crunch to the mouth-watering mixture of sesame seeds, spicy mayo, and tasty tuna.

Keto Tuna Melt On Tomato Halves


Finally a low carb tuna melt you can sink your teeth into. Start with a thick slice of delicious tomato and build upwards for a tall tower of taste. Add a little salt when you’re done and you’ve got perfection.

5-Minute Spicy Tuna Rolls


Keto spicy tuna rolls? You’d better believe it… and they can be ready in under five minutes. Re-imagine a sushi-house staple with a cool crisp exterior; you can add variety by playing with the type of spicy sauce you bring to the table.

Tuna Stuffed Endives with Avocado Oil


The clean, crisp taste of endive is matched by it’s convenience in this recipe, with the endive standing in for your serving dish! Blend in a tasty vinaigrette and stuff them with tuna, then eat the whole thing. With less than half a gram of net carbs per serving you can snack away and stay on track!