The 2020 Outdoor Checklist

There’s no question that summer feels a little different this year, but it could open up a world of new possibilities to enjoy the great outdoors locally. With so much natural beauty right in our backyards right across the country, Canadians often take nearby outdoor destinations for granted. Check out our 2020 outdoor checklist to find out how you can enjoy the warm weather by staying local this year:

Catch up with friends outdoors

Many of us have developed the habit of catching up with friends indoors. We host dinner parties or meet at restaurants forgetting that we’re surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world. This summer embrace the outdoors and get together with friends while getting some fresh air. Host a backyard barbeque, go for a walk in the woods, or enjoy an outdoor picnic with some healthy snacks. The possibilities are endless and you might find that the change of pace inspires new conversations. 

Go for a hike at a local trail

If you’ve been working from home, chances are that you’ve become increasingly sedentary in the past few months. Get active again by exploring local hiking trails! Start by checking local government and park websites to find out which trails are open, keeping in mind that the situation varies across provinces and municipalities at the moment. Once you know which trails are open, look for one that fits your skill and fitness level. When hiking, remember to always dress appropriately—we’re talking runners or hiking boots, not flip flops! It’s also essential to bring water and snacks to help you stay hydrated and nourished. Since you’ll be carrying these items, look for solutions that are portable and light. Steel water bottles are lightweight and keep your water cool while packaged foods like our Flavoured tuna pouches or SnacKits are perfectly portioned and won’t weigh you down.  

Explore local campgrounds

The ultimate Canadian summer activity, camping locally is the perfect getaway this summer. Look for a campground that’s a short drive away and offers amenities that make it possible to keep your distance from your neighbours. The Parks Canada Reservation Service is a great resource for finding and reserving campgrounds. If you plan to go further afield, make sure you pack everything you need for the duration of your stay, so you don’t have to go into any local stores. Pack food for all your meals and snacks and pack a little extra just in case. Make sure you bring some healthy non-perishable snacks that are portable and easy to store, like Ocean’s Tuna SnacKits which come in a range of flavours, like Original, Thai Chili, Lemon & Pepper, and Onion & Celery. These snacks offer a tasty way to fuel your body and won’t spoil, so you can rely on them to fuel you from the start to the end of your trip. They’re also ultra convenient with crunchy rice crackers, a spoon and napkin accompanying our delicious flavoured tuna. 

Get lost in a city park

We often take city parts for granted because they’re part of our day to day environment, but there’s no time like the present to get lost in your local city park. You’ll be surprised to find that these precious green spaces are teaming with wildlife, like Canada geese, ducks, squirrels, raccoons, and other furry critters. Make a day of it by exploring on foot or on your bike and finding the perfect spot to relax and have a picnic or enjoy a healthy snack.



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