Introducing Ocean’s Tuna in Oil

A new way to enjoy canned tuna is finally here. We’re thrilled to announce our new Ocean’s tuna in oil in three delectable flavours! It’s the most luxurious way to enjoy healthy, light canned tuna. Most importantly, it’s certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council! Read on to find out about tuna in oil’s distinctive texture and flavour as well as its unique health benefits.

Silky Texture and Rich Flavour

Bathing light tuna in oil has an effect on its texture and flavour that’s nothing short of transformational. Its large, firm flakes become silky smooth in texture while the oil seals in the tuna’s rich flavour. It’s the perfect way to add lean yet flavourful protein to a range of meals from salads to pasta.

All three varieties of our tuna in oil are also made with the irresistible flavours of three silky oils. We’re certain that among tuna in basil infused oil, tuna in olive oil, and tuna in chili infused oil, you’ll find your new favourite. Pro tip: if you’re new to canned tuna or introducing someone to it, we highly recommend tuna in basil infused oil as a starting point.

Certified Sustainable

Our Ocean’s tuna has been sourced from a fishery that meets the requirements of the MSC Standard. Being MSC certified means that the three key measurements of sustainability are met: healthy stock status, sustainable habitat and by-catch impact, and successful fishery management.

Health Benefits

When it comes to health benefits, tuna in oil offers all of the benefits of canned tuna and combines them with the benefits of healthy, high-quality oils. Canned tuna’s most notable benefit is that it’s high in protein. Protein is a macronutrient responsible for maintaining many functions in the body. It also helps keep you satisfied after a meal, and with up to 15 grams of it in each can, we’re confident that any meal with tuna in oil will keep those hunger pangs at bay for hours.

Ready to try tuna bathed in luscious infused oil? Look for Ocean’s Tuna in Oil at your local grocery store!


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