Explore Uncharted Flavours with Ocean’s Tuna Pouches

Let’s face it, a lot of healthy packaged convenience foods can be a tad bland. That’s why we created Ocean’s tuna pouches in three unique flavours. These flavours are so bold and delicious that they have the power to help you escape from a humdrum day at the office or a hectic afternoon at home with the kids.

Uncharted Flavours

Where will you go on your lunch or snack break today? With our tuna pouches, you have three delicious options to explore:

Ginger Lemon Sesame Tuna – Harmoniously blending tuna with lemon, ginger, sweet red peppers and sesame seeds, these pouches taste like a little slice of high protein Zen.

Sundried Tomato Tuna Tapenade – Mediterranean inspired, these pouches are a savoury mix of tuna, sundried tomato, olives, capers and spices. We can feel the warm Mediterranean sun just thinking about them!

Peri Peri Tuna – Kick it up a notch with this bold blend of tuna mixed with green peppers, paprika, chili and garlic. It’s the perfect escape with a touch of exotic heat.

Ready-to-Eat, Really

Ready-to-eat gets thrown around a lot when it comes to snacks and convenience foods, but it doesn’t always ring true. With Ocean’s tuna pouches, you’ll find perfectly seasoned and mixed light tuna in each pouch. If you’re looking for a satisfying convenient snack, all you need to do is grab a fork and enjoy! You can easily make a meal with our pouches as well. Scoop them onto a salad to add protein and bold flavour that doubles as a dressing. You can also top your favourite crackers with them or make a quick sandwich or wrap.

In addition to being ready-to-eat right out of the package, our tuna pouches are convenient in a couple of other ways. For starters, they’re super light and compact making them easy to tuck into a purse, backpack, lunchbox, or laptop bag. They’re also easy to open—just tear the top off the pouch!

So, go ahead and tuck one of these pouches into your pantry, purse, or backpack and sail away on uncharted flavours!


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