Earth Day Goes Digital

Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. On this day, we all mobilize, united to call for positive change and greater protections for our planet. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day is a long-standing event marked in 193 countries around the globe. In many ways, Earth Day 2020 will stay the same, driven by the same commitment to change and the protection of our planet. But Earth Day 2020 will be a little different in a couple of key ways. Read on to find out how Earth Day has evolved in 2020.

Half a Century of Earth Day

Half a century—WOW! As we mark this important milestone, here at Ocean’s, we’re filled with optimism about the global community’s commitment to our environment. We couldn’t think of a better year to make Earth Day every day and we can’t wait to see all the positive impact this year will bring. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating fifty years of Earth Day on April 22nd and that you’ll keep that momentum into 2021, and beyond, as we work together to make every day Earth Day.

Earth Day Goes Digital

Fifty years is a big deal but there’s something else that’s a little different about Earth Day 2020. This year, Earth Day is going digital. What does this mean? It means that over 24 hours, Earth Day will be right at our fingertips and in our homes with global conversations, calls to action, performances, and opportunities to learn about how we can do more to protect our planet. We’ll be able to tune in live to hear from artists, scientists and thought leaders. Most importantly, we’ll all be able to do it together. Because in 2020, we’re stronger united.

So how can you take action to support our planet this year? If you’re stepping out for a few moments of fresh air, pick up one piece of garbage on each of your walks. Grow some of your own veggies and herbs, even if the only outdoor space you have is a city balcony. Learn to love nature again and prioritize walking or cycling when you need to go out. Visit and for more ideas and to register for digital activities then share what you’re doing online by using the #earthdayathome hashtag.


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