5 tips for a healthier, happier, stress-free holiday

The holidays: they’re a great time to connect with family, celebrate the season with gift-giving, host and attend great parties, prep for a big meal with some time off from work… if any or all of that made your blood pressure rise, you’re not alone. Stress levels are high around the holidays – something that can put a real damper on the season. And when we’re stressed, many of us stress eat. To help keep things under control we’ve got five quick tips to help you de-stress and curb that stress eating this year.

5. Take your time!

While it’s easy to jump into any holiday meal – especially if there are appetizers coming out early, it’s helpful to take your time with your holiday eating. Try not to attend parties or events on an empty stomach and don’t be the first in line at the buffet. When you do, eat slowly; by taking your time with your food you give your body a chance to send those “satisfied” signals to your brain, potentially eliminating the desire for a second or third helping.

4. Control portions

Loading up on something that looks and is tasty is hard to pass up, so start by taking a small helping of any given food or snack. Follow tip 5 and take your time to enjoy it, and if you do take a second portion, use the same guideline of taking a small helping again.

3. Take a meditative break

Whether it’s at an event where you’re eating or not, sometimes it’s helpful to get away from the bustle and take some time for you. Find a space that’s free of distractions, and take a moment to breathe, focus, and relax!

2. Get moving!

More than anything else this holiday season, it’s important to find time to exercise. The holidays are a calorie-packed time where it can be a challenge to keep things balanced. Set aside some time every day to go for a walk or to get some exercise in; you’ll sleep better and it’s a great way to keep your calorie count in-line.

1. Eat real food.

It’s not unusual that around this time of year, you’ll be tempted with sugary, empty-calorie “treats”, but to be your most happy, focused and energized self, it’s best to eat fruits and vegetables and to choose lean protein such as fish and chicken along with legumes, nuts and seeds. We recommend Ocean’s tuna and other natural choices are your best bet, and are looking forward to hearing what healthy foods you choose this holiday season!



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