3 Great Recipes To Ring In The New Year

With 2018 almost behind us it’s time to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another by gathering friends, eating good food, and having a great time. New Year’s Eve is far more fun with the right appetizers on hand, and we’ve got three tasty recipes you should try before the year ends:

Ocean’s Tuna Avocado Boat

To get started we have our very own Tuna Avocado Boats – they’re an easy, healthy, and very attractive appetizer! Ready in under 15 minutes, these boats are stuffed with a delicious tuna salad with jalapeños along with some green onions, and celery, topped with dill and micro-greens.

Asian Fried Crab Balls

Next up is a great option from our friends at myrecipes.com. They’ve put together a super easy recipe that’s rich in flavour and sure to please your guests. We’ve got a smart way to make it even easier and more economical: substitute fresh crab meat with Ocean’s Crabmeat!

Tuna Quesadilla

Finally ,we have our tuna quesadilla from geniuskitchen.com, a smart take on a classic dish. For even more fun, try making a few different quesadillas with the different types of Ocean’s tuna and see how the flavour profile fits your tastes!

We hope you enjoy these recipes for the holidays, and that you have a safe end to 2018, along with an exciting start to 2019!


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