Ocean Wise

Ocean Wise is a conservation program that educates and empowers consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood.

Did you know: approximately 85% of the world’s fish stocks are overfished or fully exploited?

Overfishing is the greatest threat to our oceans today. When you see the Ocean Wise symbol next to a seafood item it’s your assurance of an ocean-friendly choice. Sustainable options are species that are caught or farmed in ways that ensure the long-term health and stability of that species, as well as the greater marine ecosystem.

The program uses four criteria when recommending a species:

  • It’s abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
  • It’s well-managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
  • It’s harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.
  • It’s harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

It’s not too late to take action to protect our oceans and Ocean Brands is committed to continually improving our seafood sourcing. Look for the Ocean Wise symbol on our products, your assurance of an ocean friendly choice.

For more information on the Ocean Wise program click here.



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