With a growing network of partners, Cleanhub collects and repurposes plastic before it enters the world’s oceans. By calculating their plastic footprint and paying for the equivalent to be collected, sustainable brands like Ocean’s support Cleanhub’s mission to protect and preserve our oceans.

Globally, 91% of plastic waste does not get recycled. Non-recyclable items such as plastic bags, wrappers, and food containers end up in the environment because it is too expensive to treat them. Cleanhub steps in to collect these items and turn them into something with value. They get repurposed as an energy source.

Cleanhub uses software to monitor, track and verify how much waste is recovered by their collection partners. Partners report plastic waste collection through an app that also connects them to a curated network of safe treatment facilities. Through this digital platform, Cleanhub can guarantee that all parties involved have collected and treated the plastic waste as promised.

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