Bold. Simple. Tasty. Ocean’s Tuna Steaks are Finally Here!​

Regular readers of this blog are well aware of the diverse range of offerings provided by Ocean’s: from canned tuna and salmon to oysters and mussels to salads and SnacKits. We have something for everyone! Today, Ocean’s is pleased to announce new Yellowfin Tuna Steaks! Available in three mouth-watering flavours, pre-marinated and ready to serve! Tempt your palate with Bold Black Pepper, Simply Naked Yellowfin, or Tasty Thai Chili. Let’s dive in and learn more. Read on below!

Easy to Prepare

These high quality tuna steaks come individually packaged and are easy to prepare. How easy? They are ready in less than 10 minutes! To demonstrate how simple these luscious tuna steaks are to prepare, Ocean’s has created two videos: one for pan-seared tuna and one for good, old-fashioned grilled tuna. As you can see, it doesn’t get any simpler than that! Just remove the steak from the packaging and thaw in a bowl of water for 4 hours or overnight. Once that is complete, oil up the steak (if it is being cooked in a grill) or the frying pan, and cook. They are ready from freezer to your mouth just like that! No Michelin stars required!

Nutritious and Delicious

We’ve established that our new Tuna Steaks are delicious and convenient. But they are also good for you! Each steak is less than 200 calories and contains a whopping 27 grams of protein! They are also low in carbs, so your waistline will be as happy as your taste buds! 

Culinary Versatility 

Ocean’s Tuna Steaks can be utilized in so many ways! Try using them as the centerpiece in a savoury salad, in grain bowls, or try these delectable Black Pepper Steak Lettuce Wraps with Tropical Salsa. Our Tuna Steaks come pre-seasoned. They’re delicious and ready to go! If you want more ideas on using them in recipes, we have more options at You are limited only by your imagination!


Remaining in line with Ocean’s dedication to the sustainable fishing, our Tuna Steaks are responsibly caught. Check out our sustainability page for more info on Ocean’s dedication to sustainable fishing. 


Getting delicious, healthy, responsibly sourced protein has never been easier. Marinated and ready to cook, Ocean’s Yellowfin Tuna Steaks are the perfect meal solution. Find them in a frozen isle near you!